Clearing a Label Jam

Paper Jams

1. Open the top cover of the printer.

2. On the right-hand side you will see an eject button with a white arrow. Press the button to eject the labels and remove them from the feed.

3. Remove the front cover (black) by placing your fingers under it and gently lifting up and pulling towards you. See Image (2.).

4. On the right hand side you have a label guide (grey tab). Pull it up and towards you to expose the label feed. See Image (5.).

5. Check for debris or labels jammed in this area and remove if necessary.

6. On the left hand side you have a spring loaded lever (black). Pull the lever towards you while tilting the printer back 30 degrees so that you can see under the printer. See Image (3.).

7. Look for labels jammed in the roller. Clear all jams.

• You may need to use an alcohol swab to clean the residue left by the sticker on the roller.

8. Place the front cover (black) back on by aligning the two hinges on top. Carefully apply pressure to the bottom of the cover until you hear a click acknowledging that the two tabs on bottom are in place. See Image (2.).

9. Replace the labels by feeding them into the printer with the labels facing down and the hole punch on the left. See Image (6.).

10. Close the top cover of the printer.

11. Press the feed button on the front of the printer (blue) to ensure that the labels are loaded properly and feed. See Image (4.).

12. Check the print queue and clear it if jobs are present. (See clear print queue PDF)

13. Test print in Raptor.

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