vSoft 5.47 - Release Notes

Release Notes

Version 5.47

Release Date: 5/21/2016


New Features


Enhanced Barcode Reader Support

ü    Kiosk volunteer sign out now supports the 1D barcode reader.    

ü    The secure kiosk feature has been enhanced to support the use of a 2D barcode reader and the kiosk sign-in/out instructions and audio for visitors, guardians, and volunteers have been updated accordingly.

Unique Faculty Employee ID Number

ü    Faculty Employee ID numbers must now be unique when importing, creating, or editing faculty records.

Enhanced PowerSchool SIS Integration

ü  The PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS) integration now supports:
o Teacher names up to 400 characters
o Extended ZIP+4 zip codes.

Parent and Volunteer Sex Offender Mismatch Logging

ü  Sex offender mismatch records for parents and volunteers are now logged in the (Offender) Mismatch Management page.

Updated State Sex Offender Registry URL Links

ü  Several state sex offender registry links, which are displayed on the Possible Offender Alert page, have been updated

New Volunteer Expiration and Renewal Policy

ü   Ability to define and enable a district-wide volunteer expiration and renewal policy for existing and new volunteers (requires Raptor Support assistance). 

ü    Ability to automatically expire all volunteers on either an anniversary or a user-defined date. 

ü    Support for a user-defined volunteer renewal window. 

ü    Support for automated English and Spanish volunteer renewal/expiration notifications. 

ü    Ability to send a test volunteer renewal/expiration email notifications to designated volunteer coordinators. 

ü    A volunteer application will not be accepted if an application already exists in the approval list for the applicant or if the application is being submitted outside the renewal window, per the renewal policy. 

ü    The volunteer application now requires applicants to be at least 18 years of age.

Volunteer Approval List Enhancements

ü    The status of an outstanding criminal background screening has been added to the Volunteer Approval List page.

ü    The options to approve or deny a volunteer application are now disabled until the results of a criminal background check are returned.

ü    The Pending BC column has been removed from the Volunteer Approval List page.

Enhanced Volunteer Application Approval History

ü  The volunteer approval history has been enhanced to provide detailed chronological events associated to the creation, modification, and approval of volunteer applications.

Bug Fixes


Inactive Student Records Returned During Sign In

ü  Kiosk sign in of students by student ID may return inactive student records.

Unable to Report on Faculty Custom Fields

ü  Custom field values are not displayed in Faculty Custom Fields report.

Possible Sex Offender Notification Might Display Incorrect

ü  When a possible sex offender match is created based on the offender’s alias name, the email notification may not contain the correct alias name..


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