Private Alerts

Managing Private Alerts

From the ADMIN tab click on the Private Alerts link to create and manage private alerts, which are commonly used to alert for custody issues, restraining orders and banned visitors.

  • Click EDIT to modify an existing Alert
  • Click Delete to remove an alert
  • Click Global Alerts to view alerts that display for all buildings
  • Click Add Alert to create a new alert

Creating Private Alerts

To create a private alert follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Raptor, from the ADMIN tab click on the Private Alerts link.

  2. Select the correct location from the BUILDING drop down menu.

  3. Click on the Add Alert button located in the top right hand corner.

  4. A screen will pop up, enter the information relevant to your alert.

    Type– Select Visitor/Volunteer to have the alert appear when a visitor or volunteer enters; select Student to have the alerts appear when a student is signed out. 

    Quick Find– If the person has been previously scanned into Raptor, type their name into the text box and click Find to pull their information. 

    First Name and Last Name (These fields are required to create the alert). 

    AKA– enter any known alias names. 

    Expire Date – If your private alert has an expiration date, choose the date from the calendar. 

    Global Alert– If you want the alert to show at all buildings in your district, select Yes. If you want your alert to show only at the building selected select NO. 

    Third Party Notification – Enter email address to notify someone outside your building (for example, a parent’s email address). 

    Comments – Enter text that describes the alert and any relevant information to be presented to the Raptor user.

  5. Click submit to create the alert.

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