Managing Alert Notifications

Alert Notifications

Users with Administrator permissions to can configure alert notifications. These notifications are triggered whenever a Raptor user selects that an alert is match, or when the emergency button is triggered. For more information about alerts CLICK HERE.

The notifications list should be kept current and updated frequently to reflect your building's security/emergency response team members.

Please Note: There are THREE types of notification lists
1) Offender alerts
2) Private alerts
3) Emergency alerts

Each alert type has an email list and a text/SMS list. (The emergency alert also has a Voice Phone Call list)

To manage your alerts list:

1. Log in to Raptor and from the ADMIN tab under GLOBAL SETTINGS click Preferences.

2. From the Building drop down Menu select the school you would like to edit.

3. On the Preferences screen, navigate to the type of alert you want to add/edit contact information.

4. Enter the email address and/or phone number in the text box for the person who should be notified and click Add. The recipients list is completely customizable and unlimited.

5. When you have completed the alert notifications, click Submit at the bottom of the Preferences screen.

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