Maintaining Your Printer

Proper Use

Your LabelWriter printer is a direct thermal printer and does not use ink or toner. Instead, the
printer uses heat from a thermal print head to print on specially treated, heat-sensitive labels.

For optimal performance, it is necessary to handle your printer with care.  Please follow the list of instructions to ensure its functionality:

  • Be sure to use ONLY official label rolls.  The thermal coatings used on labels other than Raptor branded labels may not be compatible, and may provide unsatisfactory
    printing or cause the printer to malfunction. Damage and malfunction caused by use of unofficial labels will not be covered under warranty.

  • Tear off labels carefully and using a DOWNWARD pulling motion. The tear bar is located along the BOTTOM of the label feed path. Using an upward motion to tear off a label will cause label jams. If your printer is located at a kiosk station, for public use, you may want to set up a sign instructing visitors to pull DOWN to tear off the label.

  • Ensure that the USB and power cables are secure and connected. The USB should be connected DIRECTLY to the CPU unit. (not an external USB HUB or USB extender cord)

Cleaning the Feed Path

If a label jam should occur, and there is residue or debris in the feed path you can easily clean your LabelWriter printer using the following items:

• Lint-free cloth.

• Isopropyl alcohol, diluted dishwashing detergent, or diluted glass cleaner. Caution: If you use glass cleaner, make sure it does not contain ammonia.

• Small, soft brush, such as a tooth brush or child’s paint brush.

• LabelWriter cleaning card. To order new cleaning cards CLICK HERE

Label Storage

To prolong label life when labels are not in use, store the labels in a cool, dry place and in the original package.

In the original packaging, the shelf life for LabelWriter labels is 18 months. Exposure to direct sunlight, to fluorescent light for an extended period of time, or to extreme heat will cause fading.

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