Kiosk Set Up

Setting Up a Raptor Kiosk


Kiosk stations are standalone systems that can be setup so that visitors, students, faculty members, and volunteers can sign themselves in/out once they have been entered in the system. A kiosk station can be setup in many ways, showing all modules or just certain modules. (*Note, modules meaning visitors, students, faculty, and volunteers*)

In order to setup up a station you will need the following below:

System and Hardware Requirements:
◾A computer with a minimum of a Core Duo processor or equivalent w/ 2GB minimum RAM (32-bit OS) or 4GB minimum RAM (64-bit OS).
◾Running Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system.
◾Connected with high speed internet connection. (WIFI connection not recommended for best results)
◾Browser: Internet Explorer 11 or newer.

Optional Equipment:
◾Printer - (Dymo 450 Turbo or Twin Turbo) To print out label badges or student tardy
◾Barcode Scanner - Use for signing out all modules, also can be used to sign in students/faculty (visit for models that are supported)
◾2D Barcode Reader - Use only for visitor/volunteer modules

Pre-Install Check List:
◾Windows is up-to-date with latest software upgrades and service pack
◾You are logged in as an Admin user for your computer 
◾Download the most recent Raptor Install File from

◾If using a barcode scanner download the Cipher set up sheet (CLICK HERE)
◾If using a 2D barcode scanner download the set up sheet contact us at 

Step 1: Install Raptor
◾For Detailed instructions of how to install raptor CLICK HERE and follow the special notes below.
◾If using Cipher barcode scanner when prompted for Scanner Select "NONE" from the drop down menu. Scanning of Drivers Licenses is not available in Kiosk Accounts.
◾If using a 2D scanner when prompted for Scanner Select "Motorola" from the drop down menu.

Step 2: Create a Kiosk User Account
◾In the ADMIN MENU select "Create New User". When prompted select "KIOSK ACCOUNT" as user level, and select the correct building.
◾An email address must be used as the Username for this new account. You cannot use an email address that already has a Raptor Account. 
◾When selecting the email address keep in mind that we will send any password reset links to that inbox. Be sure to use an email account that your IT department or Primary Raptor user will have access to check the inbox.
◾For Detailed instructions of how to create a new user CLICK HERE

Step 3: Set Up Kiosk Printer
◾Once you have created the Kiosk user account in the ADMIN MENU select "Search User(s)". 
◾Run a search for the kiosk account and then select "EDIT" from the functions column. 
◾In the upper right hand corner click on the "Printer Setup" icon.
◾Select the icon for the printer you are using (Dymo 300, 450, or 450 Twin)
◾For each module select the correct printer from the drop down menu. Do not leave as default.
◾If using a Twin Turbo also select which roll you would like each module to print on. Left or Right side of the printer.
◾Be sure to click "Save" to update the settings.

Step 4: Set Up Kiosk Preferences
◾In the ADMIN MENU from the GLOBAL SETTINGS section select "Preferences". 
◾Make sure you select the correct building from the drop down menu. Scroll down to the section "Kiosk Mode"
◾Read and select the modules you would like to enable for the Kiosk.
◾Read and select the modules you would like to enable printing in Kiosk mode.
◾Read and select the modules yes or no for the additional Kiosk Options. For questions about these options contact the Raptor Support Team.

Step 5: Sign in and test Kiosk account
After you are done setting up your preferences, click on exit to take to back to log-in page or close the window and re-launch shortcut on desktop. Use the kiosk username/password that you just created to log-in.
◾Take a look around and click on the different modules, remember if you did not enable the module you will not see a link for it.
◾We recommend testing the sign out and sign in features to ensure all settings are correct.

Final Notes:
◾All visitor/volunteer must have been scanned into system prior to being able to use the kiosk station
◾Students/Faculty must been imported or added into the system prior to being able to use the kiosk station
◾Any Visitor or Student who triggers a private or offender alert will not be able to use the kiosk.
◾For questions or help contact the Raptor Support Team at

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