PowerSchool Integration

Integrating Raptor and PowerSchool

It is now possible to integrate your PowerSchool system with Raptor.* If this is a feature that you would like to use please contact our sales team at sales@raptortech.com or 713-880-8902 Option 4. 

* PowerSchool v.9.0 or higher REQUIRED

This document provides instructions for installing the Raptor plug-in for PowerSchool and configuring the SIS settings in Raptor. Please note you must FIRST contact our sales team before you can begin the process.

Installing and Configuring the Raptor Plug-in for PowerSchool

After receiving an email from Raptor Support that contains the Plugin.xml file, the following procedure must be performed by the customer’s PowerSchool Administrator.

1.       Upon receipt of the email sent from Raptor, save the Plugin.xml file that is attached to the email onto the system where PowerSchool is installed.

2.       Open PowerSchool in your browser.

3.       From the navigation menu on the Start Page, select System.


4.       On the System workspace, navigate to the Server area and click System Settings.

5.       On the System Settings workspace, click Plugin Management Configuration.



6.       On the Plugin Management Dashboard workspace, click Install.

7.       On the Plugin Install workspace, click Choose File and select the Plugin.xml file that you saved to your computer in Step 1.

8.       Click Install.


9.       On the Plugin Management Dashboard, select the Raptor Technologies LLC Integration plugin.

10.   On the Raptor Technologies LLC Setup workspace, click Data Configuration.


The OAuth Credentials are generated and displayed on the screen. These are the credentials that Raptor needs to complete the integration configuration.

11.   Email the following information to Raptor Support (support@raptortech.com) to complete the configuration process:

Ø  Client ID

Ø  Client Secret

Ø  URL to access PowerSchool system

Raptor Support will complete the Client and Building configurations on the Raptor backend and then notify the customer PowerSchool Administrator that configuration is complete. Proceed to Mapping Building Names.

Configuring SIS Settings in Raptor

Mapping Building Names

After the Client and Buildings have been configured by Raptor Support, the customer must map the building names in PowerSchool to the buildings in Raptor.

1.       Log into Raptor with Administrator permissions.

2.       From the Admin menu, navigate to Global Settings and select SIS Settings.

3.       Select the Raptor Building Name from the drop-down list.

4.       From the SIS Building Name drop-down list, select the building name in PowerSchool that matches the selected building in Raptor.

5.       In the Enable Student Information System Real Time Integration Status field, select the Yes radio button.

6.       Enter the email address of the person who should receive a notification of the status and then click Add.

7.       Click Submit to complete the procedure.

The Setup Confirmation dialog displays.

8.       Click Confirm to enable integration. Your synchronization request will be processed at 4:00 PM CST.

The Real Time Student Information System Integration Status changes to Pending Initialization.

Real Time Student Information System Integration Status Descriptions

This is a read-only field displays the current status of the real-time integration. Possible values include:

Ø  Pending Initialization – Transition to this status from "Disabled" when the Integration has been enabled and waiting for the Integration Window (the window) to open.

Ø  Reinitializing – Transition to this status from "Initializing" when the first attempt to initialize failed but the window is still open (the Integration will wait a period of time and attempt another initialization).

Ø  Reinitialization Scheduled – Transition to this status from "Synchronizing" when an error has occurred as a result of responding to an update notification where the data fetch failed. 

Ø  Initialization Scheduled – Transition to this status from "Reinitialization Scheduled" when re-initialization was attempted when the window was open but all attempts failed. The Integration will attempt to re-initialize again when the window opens. The Integration will remain in this status until the re-initialization is successful.

Configuring SIS Settings

Before performing the steps in this section, ensure that the following procedures have been completed:

Ø  Raptor internal personnel has completed enabling and configuring the client and building(s) SIS Settings (reference the Configuring Raptor Integration with PowerSchool DRAFT document).

Ø  The customer’s PowerSchool Administrator has completed installing the Integration plug-in on the PowerSchool system (reference the Installing Raptor Plugin for PowerSchool DRAFT document).

Ø  Raptor internal personnel has completed configuring the PowerSchool credentials in vSoft (reference the Configuring Raptor Integration with PowerSchool DRAFT document).

After the above procedures have been completed, the SIS Settings option will be available in the Admin menu under User Preferences > Global Settings. Perform the following steps to configure the SIS Settings.

1.       Select SIS Settings.

2.       From the SIS Building Name drop-down list, select the PowerSchool building that matches the Raptor Building Name (map SIS building to vSoft building).


3.       In the Enable Student Information System Real Time Integration field, select Yes.

4.       Enter the email address for who should receive notifications if the integration’s status changes and then click Add. You can add multiple email addresses.

       5.       If you only need to populate the student data into vSoft, click Submit to complete the procedure.

If you would like to also push student tardy data from vSoft to PowerSchool, continue with the remaining of the steps.

6.       In the Select Data to be Integrated area, select Yes for the Student Tardy feature.

An empty table displays.

7.       In the middle of the tables, select New.


8.       From the Raptor Tardy Codes drop-down menu, select a reason (these are Student Reasons defined in vSoft).




9.       From the PowerSchool Attendance Codes drop-down menu, select the corresponding entry (these are Attendance Codes defined in PowerSchool).

10.   Select the Active check box then click the Update link.

11.   To map additional codes, click the New link and repeat steps 8 through 10.

12.   When all tardy codes have been mapped, click Submit to complete the procedure.

At approximately 4:00 PM Central Standard Time, the Integration will synchronize the student data between PowerSchool and vSoft. Synchronization will normally complete within a few seconds.


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