vSoft 5.46 - Release Notes


Release Notes

Version 5.46

Release Date: December 19, 2015


New Features


Import of Private Alerts

ü  Support for manual import of visitor, volunteer, and student private alert definitions.

ü  Support for programmatic import of visitor, volunteer, and student private alert definitions via the Raptor API Manifest.

PowerSchool Integration for Student Tardy

ü  Student tardy occurrences reported in vSoft are now automatically updated in the PowerSchool Daily Attendance table.

ü  The SIS Settings page has been updated with options to manage the PowerSchool Student Tardy Integration.

     Requires PowerSchool v9.0 or higher.

1D Barcode Reader Support for the Volunteer Kiosk

ü  Volunteers can now sign-in via a kiosk equipped with a 1D barcode reader.

Updated State Sex Offender Registry URLs

ü  The universal resource locators (URLs) for several of the state sex offender registry websites have been updated.

Improved Voice Phone Alert Notification Service

ü  Eliminated sporadic errors experienced when using the voice phone service for emergency and alert notifications.

Enhanced Alert Notification Logging

ü  Enhanced exception logging for email and text message alert notifications.

Faculty Module Substitute Field Import

ü  The Raptor API Manifest can now import “True/False” values for the Faculty Substitute field and correctly convert and store them “Yes/No” values within vSoft.

District-wide Faculty Import

ü  The Raptor API Manifest can now support district-wide faculty import.

Enhanced “Unreviewed Volunteers” Report

ü  Added filter selections for field name, operator, and criteria to the “Unreviewed Volunteers” report.

ü  Volunteer applicant’s email address is now displayed in a column of the “Unreviewed Volunteers” report.

ü  Only the most recent volunteer approval history is displayed.

Volunteer Application Enhancements

ü  The ability to process volunteer applications through the Volunteer Approval List when a criminal background screening is not required.

ü  The ability to edit volunteer applications while in the Volunteer Approval List.

ü  All kiosk enabled Functions, Affiliations, and Organizations can now be viewed and selected from the kiosk and online volunteer application.

ü  A volunteer applicant’s Affiliations and Organizations are now viewable when editing the volunteer’s application in the Volunteer Approval List.

ü  A volunteer applicant’s Affiliation is now displayed as a new column in the Volunteer Approval List.

ü  Function, Affiliation, and Organization entries are now stored when the volunteer applicant selects “Other” for any of these fields.





Bugs Addressed


Able To Submit SIS Settings Without Mapping A PowerSchool Building

ü  The “Submit” option was available before the vSoft to PowerSchool building mapping was set.

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