Installing Raptor's Setup File

Installing Raptor


Prior to installing Raptor, ensure that the computer system meets the minimum requirements (see System Requirements).

Use the following procedure to run the Vsoft Setup file to install Raptor on your computer:

1. On the Raptor Get Started web page (, download the setup file for the appropriate version of Windows installed on your computer (Windows 32-bit or Windows 64-bit).

2. After download is completed, double-click the appropriate Vsoft_Setup_xxx.exe (Vsoft_Setup_x64.exe or Vsoft_Setup_x86.exe) file to launch the installer.

3. Windows Installer may prompt you to download and update Visual C++ 2008 and Microsoft .NET runtime files. Follow the prompts to update the files. (Note: If you are prompted to update your .NET framework you must restart your computer before moving on to step 4)

4. On the vSoft Installer Welcome panel, click Next.

5. On the Uninstall Previous Versions panel, accept the default checked items and then click Next.

The progress of the uninstall displays.

6. On the Uninstall Vsoft panel, click Next.

7. On the Uninstallation Successful panel, click Finish.

The installation process now begins.

8. On the Hardware Devices panel, select the Scanner from the drop-down list, and plug in the printer and scanner.

9. Click Next.

10. On the Select Packages panel, accept the defaults and then click Next.

11. On the Ready to Install panel, click Next to proceed with the installation.

The installation progress displays.

12. If not already connected, plug in the printer and scanner, and then click OK.

13. On the Important Information panel, click Next to calibrate your scanner.

14. Insert the calibration card into the scanner with the arrows first and aligned to the right, and then click Calibrate.

15. When the calibration has completed, click OK to complete the installation procedure.


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