Raptor's Network Configuration Settings

Network Configuration Settings


Internet Explorer Security Settings (ActiveX)

The following ActiveX options should be enabled in Internet Explorer on every machine or domain policy that is used to access Raptor (Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Custom Level). 

  • Initialize and script ActiveX components not mark safe for scripting

  • Access Data Sources across domains

Note: For detailed instructions, see the Configuring Internet Explorer technical document.

IP Address/Trusted Sites

Add the Raptor Web Servers listed below to your exception list so that information can be exchanged through your anti-virus software, web filter applications, and firewall.

Outbound Traffic

Allow all outbound traffic (TCP ports 80 or 443 should be open for both http/https):



  • *.apps.raptorware.com

  • *.apps.raptortech.com

  • *.raptorware.com

  • *.raptortech.com


  • https://d1nhaowe4xbgsp.cloudfront.net

  • www.google-analytics.com

  • TCP port 8002 (Not Firewall – open within local client web filters, antivirus, etc.)

Mail Server

Add the Raptor Mail Server for notification alerts and subscription reports:

  • (hou-smtp01.raptorware.com)

Trusted Sites Zone

Add the following URL to the Trusted Sites Zone:

  • *.raptortech.com

  • *.raptorware.com


 Application Permissions (User Profile)

Raptor recommends that the user is a member of the Administrator group locally on the PC. Check with your technology department to ensure that you have all the required rights before installation.

All Raptor users MUST have full control rights to the following folders:  

  • Program Files\Dymo

  • Program Files\Raptor Technologies

  • %temp%

  • Windows\Temp


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