vSoft 5.43 - Release Notes


Release Notes

Version 5.43

Release Date: May 23, 2015


New Features


Volunteer Application Enhancements

ü  Canceling the online Volunteer Application process returns the applicant to the Raptor URL (www.raptortech.com)

ü  Minor updates to the Volunteer Application web pages in order to provide a consistent user experience. Updated pages including the Welcome, Personal Information, School Preferences and Disclaimer pages.

Reset Kiosks After New Product Release

ü  When a new version of Raptor vSoft is released, all running Kiosk instances will automatically reset to take advantage of the new enhancements.

Volunteer Application Maintenance Mode

ü  Volunteer applicants will now receive a “service is not available” message when Raptor vSoft is put into a maintenance mode.  

ü  Client representatives are automatically notified via email when the Volunteer Application is out of service for maintenance and when the service becomes available.

Criminal Background Screening Account Notifications

ü  Customers who have purchased Criminal Background Screening for Volunteer applicants will now receive automatic email notifications when their Criminal Background Screening account has reached a “low funds” threshold and when the account is out of funds.

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