Wrong letters and numbers after scanning the license

As you may already know the scanner uses OCR technology to read the FRONT side of the license. It will attempt to determine the correct characters on the screen and place it into the appropriate fields, much like a business card scanner. If the ID is not feed properly, or license is dirty, this might interfere with the reading process. In some cases, it will pull long names, middle names, and even street addresses & numbers. Clean your scanner for the best results from time to time, and calibrate the scanner if you notice a dramatic decrease in accuracy. **Camscans do not require calibration**

It’s always important to double check that all information appears correct on the screen BEFORE hitting submit and print. This will insure that person is screened correctly against the sex offender database and any private alerts. WE DO NOT USE LICENSE NUMBER TO SEARCH.

Always follow this guideline: 1. SCAN 2. VERIFY 3. Add Notes 4. PRINT

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