Locked Out of Raptor?

Resetting Your Raptor Password

 If you have forgotten your password or are locked out, don’t worry – we can help!  

 ◾If you know what your username is but have simply lost your password, Click on the  "Forgot Password?" link on the Raptor login page. Then type in the email address on file for your account (usually your username) and click submit. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

◾Have you forgotten your username AND password?  In that case, please send us an email to support@raptortech.com or call us at 713-880-8902 Option 2.  Include your Full Name, School District AND school/Location.

For security purposes, we will need to validate your identity, you must have access to the inbox for the email on file for your account in order to complete a password reset.

Please Note: If your account is locked, the forgot password link cannot be used.

Unlocking Your Account

As a security measure if you attempt to log in more than 10 times with an incorrect password your account will be locked.

Locked out? You can have your campus/district administrator reset your failed logins for you or if your administrator is not available you can contact Raptor Support for help. Send an unlock account request to support@raptortech.com.

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