Adjusting Printer Brightness

Printer Brightness

Each state varies in level of brightness for issued IDs. If your badges are printing out too light or too dark follow these steps to correct the issue.
  1. First ensure that your labels have not expired or have been exposed to heat/UV light. Damaged labels or improperly loaded labels can result in streaks or faint printing.

  2. Make sure your scanner is properly calibrated. If your pictures are not being scanned in properly due to calibration errors adjusting the printer brightness will not truly resolve the issue. For calibration information CLICK HERE.

  3. Open your Raptor Printer Manager. Click on Start > All Programs > Vsoft > Printer Manager

  4. The utility will allow you to adjust brightness. The default setting is "0" in the middle.

  5. If you need to make your badges brighter slide the brightness to the right. If you need to make your badges darker, slide the brightness level to the left.

  6. Click "Apply Changes"

  7. Log back into Raptor and re-print a badge or enter a new visitor to test your brightness.

  8. Inspect your badge and adjust the brightness number as needed.

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