Replacing the Scanner Calibration Card

Replacing the Calibration Card

Option 1:(Recommended for best results) You can order a replacement maintenance kit from our online shop. It includes 2 Scanner cleaning cards, 2 Scanner calibration cards and 2 Printer cleaning cards.

To order a replacement CLICK HERE

Option 2: You can print out a template and create a temporary replacement calibration sheet

1. Use the link below to download the attached PDF and print it out on white copier paper.

Scanshell 800 : Calibration Card

Scanshell 800DX : Calibration Card

2. Cut along the dotted lines to create a new calibration card.

3. For Model 800DX scanners only follow assembly instructions below.


Scanshell 800DX Calibration Sheet Assembly

Perform the following procedure to assemble a double-sided Scanshell 800DX calibration sheet:

1. Cut out two identical calibration sheets by cutting along the lines indicated on the sheet.


2. Place the two white sides together, aligning the black arrows and black box.


3. Tape the two sheets together along the while area of the sheets. Important: DO NOT place any tape on the black sections of the sheets.


4. With the black arrows at the top, insert the assembled calibration sheet into scanner with the paper aligned to the far right side. Ensure that the paper is inserted straight and fully into the scanner.

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