Correcting Print Quality and Blank Labels

Correcting Blank Prints

FIX 1: Check to ensure the labels are inserted into the printer correctly. Reference the image below to correctly insert the labels.

FIX 2:  Ensure you have the latest version of Raptor installed including Dymo Application. 

Correcting Poor Print Quality

Poor print quality is most frequently caused by one of the following:

• An old roll of labels
• Labels made by a manufacturer other than DYMO
• Labels where the thermal coating has been compromised
• A dirty print head

First, make sure you are using DYMO-branded labels. Do not use third-party labels because the thermal coating on other labels has a different sensitivity than DYMO-branded labels. Also, the
perforated holes between the labels made by other manufacturers are frequently not detectable by LabelWriter printers.

If the print quality becomes faint, small dots of white appear scattered through the printed characters, or light and dark patches of printing appear, you are probably using a faulty roll of
labels. Try using a different roll from a fresh box. If the second roll prints correctly, the problem is with the first roll of labels.

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