Calibrating the Scanner

Calibration Methods

The scanner will occasionally need to be calibrated to insure the best possible license scan.

First locate the correct white & black calibration card for your scanner. We recommend storing the calibration card with the rest of your Raptor kit and badges.

If you are unable to find this card, please CLICK HERE for instructions on getting a replacement.

Method 1:
Step 1:  Open up the scanner utilities tool. Click on your windows "Start" menu >> Programs >> vSoft >> Scanner Utilities.

Step 2: Place the calibration card into the scanner and click the Calibrate button. Ensure that the sheet enters the scanner as straight as possible. Once the calibration has finished you will get a confirmation that it is complete. Once finished you can close the scanner utilities tool.  

Method Two

Step 1: Log into Raptor.  On the home page, click on My Profile then Scanner Utilities.
Step 2: Place the calibration card in the tray, click Calibration then click OK. 

Special Notes:

The model 800dx card is double-sided with a single black strip.
The model 800 card is single-sided with two black strips and MUST BE SCANNED FACE DOWN.

The calibration card will start to feed through the scanner at a low speed. It may also feed back and forth a few times. This process normally takes about 40 seconds.

If the card feeds too fast, or you get a message saying calibration has failed, try the process again. Wait for the notice that the calibration was successful.


Note: This image of an 800 model scanner with a single-sided 800 calibration sheet, your 800DX model and sheet will look different.


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